How to be a Young Entrepreneur

Just a heads up, even though your passion is to become an entrepreneur, a bachelor’s degree is still important for your future.

How to Improve Your TOEFL Score?

For some, international classes are intimidating because it requires a TOEFL score. But don’t fret! As with any skills in life, your TOEFL score can be improved with some easy (and mostly free) steps.

Save More with BII-Pace

Did you know that it’s much more cost-saving to do our 2+2 instead of 4 years in New York?

Why You Should Study at BII-Pace?

New year, new term! Are you currently looking for the right college to continue your studies? Are you confused whether to continue your studies in Indonesia or try to apply abroad? Then Business Institute Indonesia may be the right place for you!

Breaking the Language Barrier

Not feeling confident enough with your English?

Business Institute Indonesia

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Our Campus

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Jakarta Main Campus
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Surabaya Campus
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